Champions Online Lifetime Sub Returns for $299

BOOM widget 82551 Before the launch of Star Trek Online, Cryptic unveiled a lifetime subscription to its other MMORPG, Champions Online, for a cool $200. Included with the purchase was closed beta access to the Starfleet-endorsed online title, which--presumably--helped entice people to make the jump. Later, the lifetime subscription option disappeared.

Late last week, Crypic reactivated the lifetime subscription option for Champions Online, this time with an asking price of $299. For those of you who loathe maths, that's $99 more.

With the purchase of the lifetime package, users can net a Foxbat action figure--a miniature version of Foxbat to accompany you in-game--new costume sets, eight character slots, access to the VIP room, an exclusive costume piece, "Vanguard" perk and title, and "more."

As a regular Champions Online subscription runs players $14.99 per month, the lifetime subscription is equal to almost two years worth of monthly payments. However, in 2011, Champions Online is set to launch a free-to-play option.

Although the free option is limited, it does give players the ability to fight crime in Millennium City at rock-bottom, recession prices, and guarantees players are not infected with the crippling 'Why can't I afford to eat this year?' virus.

With loyal superheroes willing to shell out $300 for a subscription, it's no wonder Atari's online division did so well in the first-half of the year.