Final Fantasy XIV Major Patches Detailed

By Brian Leahy, Nov 11, 2010 12:20pm PST Square Enix has published a massive list of changes and fixes coming to its newest MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The updates are split into two categories, with one group of fixes scheduled to go live in November and December, while other changes are queued up for the first update in 2011.

While the full list isn't very detailed, it certainly covers a lot of fixes, adjustments, and new content. I'm not surprised, however, as it has unfortunately become commonplace to launch MMORPG titles before they are truly ready for release.

Square Enix recently gave an additional 30 days of playtime to all players that had purchased the game before October 25. I'll ask the same question again: is anyone still playing this game? Do you plan to stick with it through these patches? A PlayStation 3 version is still planned for release in 2011.

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  • My coworkers and friends made fun of me for picking up the CE of this game, without knowing anything about it. I admit, it might have been foolish. But I wanted to enjoy this game so much. After playing for several hours and trying to get used to the flow of things, I got REALLY frustrated. There are things that are missing that should be standard in ANY PC game (i.e. keybinding). Yes, this game has it, but only for certain things. Any menu you want to use, you have to go through the Main Menu to get to. This is dumb. I should be able to keybind my inventory menu, among other things. Also, you can only interact with world objects by bringing up the Main Menu. Again, dumb. I should be able to click it and do what I want (I see these things are in the patch notes and I'm happy). There were other things that made me stop playing this game after 2-3 weeks. But, as they are now going to be fixed, I will more than likely give the game another go.

    Also, one thing that frustrated me was people saying "this game was built for the console". I tried to use a controller, and you know, combat isn't really very intuitive for this. It's way too slow. You have to move up and down you're action bar to select an ability, and then depending on that ability, you have to "re-target" your target. That's just silly. 3-5 seconds on the controller to do said action (and that's being generous), versus 2 clicks of the mouse which take maybe 1-2 seconds (if you're slow). I just don't see how this is "built for consoles" when it's so horribly slow to use controllers.

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