Final Fantasy XIV Major Patches Detailed

By Brian Leahy, Nov 11, 2010 12:20pm PST Square Enix has published a massive list of changes and fixes coming to its newest MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The updates are split into two categories, with one group of fixes scheduled to go live in November and December, while other changes are queued up for the first update in 2011.

While the full list isn't very detailed, it certainly covers a lot of fixes, adjustments, and new content. I'm not surprised, however, as it has unfortunately become commonplace to launch MMORPG titles before they are truly ready for release.

Square Enix recently gave an additional 30 days of playtime to all players that had purchased the game before October 25. I'll ask the same question again: is anyone still playing this game? Do you plan to stick with it through these patches? A PlayStation 3 version is still planned for release in 2011.

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  • I wanted to like this so bad. I grew to like FF XI and even after I grew older and have a family and no more link shell anymore, the game holds a special place in my MMO loving heart.

    But this game was a travesty upon release for what was promised. I heard that it would be a much more single-player friendly experience and to be fair it is. But the friendliness and intuitiveness does not match common day MMO expectations. You don't have to be WoW, but anyone who ignores the lessons it continues to teach will not work.

    The interface is not easy to navigate and the input lag is horrible (and I am on a T1 line with a good GTX card so I know it isn't me.) The tutorial storyline you go through is not easy to follow. You never know how much you miss a pop-up dialogue box for an NPC until they try to cram the text for the NPC into your chat/status text window along with everything else.

    In this day and age for an MMO to be profitable beyond the niché you have to learn to take the mainstream lessons and adapt them and make them your own. FF XIV seems mired in the past without any care about the future of the genre. I will hope for the best in the upcoming patches and when the PS3 version launches I will give it another go.