Weekend Confirmed Episode 33

By Garnett Lee, Nov 05, 2010 12:00pm PDT Microsoft unleashed the Kinect sensor add-on that brings controller-less play to the Xbox 360 and we've been playing with it and the first batch of games. But Dance Central, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Sports aren't the only thing in Whatcha' Been Playin? The GoldenEye remake for Wii, Z.H.P., Fable 3, and more get in on the act as well. Your thoughts on videogame length, achievement systems, and the concepts of universal design spur the conversation in the Warning. We break down both sides in the challenge to California's law to prohibit the sales of violent games to minors heard by the US Supreme Court as well as rumors of a poker game headed to Xbox Live, the cancellation of NBA Elite, and more.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 33 - 11/05/2010

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:31:02

Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:32:05 End: 01:06:02

The Warning: Start: 01:07:08 End: 01:42:08

Music Break featuring "Fireworks": 01:42:08 End: 01:45:36

The Front Page: Start: 01:45:36 End: 02:18:38

NFL 'Tailgate': Start: 02:19:40 End: 02:26:37

Music Break this week features "Fireworks" by yOya. This track is from their "Nothing to Die" album available on iTunes. For more from them check out the official yOya site and follow them on Facebook. And if you live in the LA area, they're playing a free show tonight, Friday, Nov 5 at 7:30 at Ground Zero with Moving Picture Show.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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  • Regarding some wacky terrain features that were going to be in the defunct game, Ignition, poster JingleTard has come out of the closet as a hater of "nifty terrain stuff." http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?id=24490409#itemanchor_24490409

    He asserts that this is merely a gimmick, and cites the Red Faction franchise as another example where these alleged gimmicks impede his appreciation of the game.

    Now, that might be one perspective, but there was nothing more satisfying than taking apart entire buildings piece-by-piece in RF:G. The gameplay itself wasn't too bad and the challenges were surprisingly fun. It's one I look forward to replaying in the future.

    So is it a gimmick? Maybe, but a fairly effective one, considering it turned a mediocre game into something extraordinarily memorable.

    I remember one friend confiding in me that she refused to play Half Life because she felt as if the "long jump" maneuver (as necessary to navigate Xen) was a gimmick. And the same could be said of the gravity gun... Two excellent games that include what was construed as a gimmick. Still, remove the gravity gun and do you still have an excellent gam experience in Half Life 2?

    I posit this question to the WC Warning: In gaming, what constitutes a gimmick in video gaming? Does it count as a gimmick if the feature arguably enhances a gameplay experience? Can a game be founded entirely on a gimmick be insulated from the ridicule by virtue of its design or story? How gimmicky does a game need to be before it enters the territory of absurdity shared with the wackier titles by indie developers? What sorts of "gimmicks" would you like to see in games?