Konami Increased Net Revenue in First Half of Fiscal 2011; Peace Walker Sales 'Progressed Steadily'

Konami has released its fiscal 2011 report for the first half of the year--which ran from April to September 2010--recording a slight increase in net revenue over the same period last year.

In the first half of 2011, Konami increased its net revenue by ¥1.9 billion ($23.4 million), jumping to ¥115.8 billion ($1.43B) versus a net revenue of ¥113.9 billion ($1.40) last year.

The biggest performer for Konami was its "Digital Entertainment" division--which is comprised of its business in computer and video games, arcades, and card games--netting ¥53.1B ($655.7M) of the company's total net revenue. Standouts for Konami included the worldwide launch of the PSP-exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, sales of which the publisher says have "progressed steadily," and Love Plus Plus, a Japan-exclusive dating simulator that saw "record first week unit sales" versus the previous installment in the series.

The series is such a Konami noted that a new title in the series would launch for the Nintendo 3DS along with two arcade titles.

In sports news, Konami noted that its multi-region and platform series Winning Eleven--also known as Pro Evolution Soccer--saw steady sales in Japan.

As someone who adored Winning Eleven (it used to be called that here, too) last generation, it's sad to see the quality drop below EA's best-selling offering. Hopefully, Konami will be able to make a run for the crown again soon.