Microsoft Forecasts Kinect to Sell Five Million; CPU Usage Down to Single-Digit Percentage

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft has raised its sales forecast for the Kinect sensor from three million units in the quarter to five million in the same time period.

nope The increase is based upon pre-orders, retail orders, and consumer interest, according to Bloomberg, which interviewed Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business today.

On the technical side, Microsoft's Alex Kipman, director of incubation--yes, that's his actual title--has told GamesIndustry that the Kinect sensor is down to a single-digit percentage of usage on the Xbox 360 CPU. It had previously been stated to be between 10 and 15 percent.

Now, single-digit has some spin-capacity baked into it as we could be looking at a 9% usage, which isn't very different from 10%, really. The Kinect sensor was originally going to include its own processor, but it was removed to bring costs down, which placed the burden on the Xbox 360.

The answer is, as much as we like to talk about bits and percentages, you take a game like, I don't know, Call of Duty: Black Ops - there's a significant amount of processing, be it CPU or GPU, that still remains on the table.

So after that, when we came to this revelation about games, and future games that would be coming to Xbox, we looked at it and we said - "is it worth the trade-off to put on-board processing on the device when we think we can create magical, unique, deep, thorough experiences without it?"

Gamers will be able to decide for themselves if the trade-off is worth it as Kinect launches tomorrow.