'New, Unannounced' Battlefield Game Coming, Says EA's Easy Studio General Manager

A new, unannounced title in the Battlefield universe is on the way, according to a Tweet from EA's Ben Cousins.

Cousins, the general manager of EA's Easy studio located in Sweden--the team that handles EA's free-to-play titles, such as Battlefield Heroes--revealed he was headed to London to show off a "new, unannounced Battlefield game to the press." Cousins specifically noted that the new game is not Battlefield 3. Clearly, since that game was announced.

Given Easy's history, we suspect the new title would be a more casual Battlefield title. Earlier today, EA announced a five-year "strategic relationship" with Facebook. It's possible this new deal, coupled with the casual focus of Easy, could point to a Battlefield-branded title on the massive social network. This, of course, is speculation on our part.

That said: Battlefield Farming, coming soon?