NBA 2K11 Gets Special 3D Release for PS3 on Nov. 16; Patch Coming to Current Owners in January

You're a basketball fan who owns a PS3 and adores that spiffy new 3D television you recently purchased, but have yet to find a way for your favorite things in the world to join together in perfect harmony: until now.

2K Sports revealed a special version of NBA 2K11--set on bringing the "best selling" simulation basketball title (Read: The only simulation basketball title this year) to the world of mind-bending, glasses wearing three dimensions--exclusively to the PS3 on November 16.

The special edition will also work in 2D (whatever that is) for those of you who are scared of the future.

Current owners of NBA 2K11 will also get in on the action, albeit at a much later time. A free, downloadable upgrade to the 3D version will be released sometime in January.

For ultimate immersion, players can take to the court with the PlayStation Move in 3D and then later reveal they are ditching their home state for warmer climates and snazzier jerseys during a special ESPN broadcast. That last bit might be conjecture.