Iwata Rules Out Wii Price Drop for the 'Near Future'

If you expected Nintendo to react to Sony's PlayStation Move and the upcoming launch of Microsoft's Kinect with a price drop, you should probably take a seat.

Speaking with investors (as translated by the Associated Press), Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that, while he "cannot say it will never happen," the house that built Super Mario is "not thinking of it for the near future."

Nintendo has opted to battle Microsoft and Sony this holiday season with a new Nintendo Wii bundle, which includes a limited edition red console and controller along with Wii Sports and a copy of New Super Mario Bros for $200.

Of course, had Nintendo planned to cut the price, we don't think Iwata would jump the gun and reveal the change until it was about to happen. Doing so could hurt the console's otherwise steady sales record.

In August 2009, Iwata made similar statements regarding a Wii price cut [via Andriasang]. Following the denial a new price was coming, the console dropped to $200 one month later.