GameStop Expands Digital Storefront for PC Games, Xbox 360 Coming Soon

By Brian Leahy, Nov 01, 2010 1:00pm PDT North American retailer GameStop has taken another step forward in its expansion to digital games and content with some new features for its burgeoning digital storefront.

Currently, the company is selling digital PC games and offering time-limited demos of certain titles, but eventually plans to offer Xbox 360 games and DLC. For the Xbox 360, customers will be emailed a code to redeem on the Xbox Live Marketplace. GameStop retail stores have already been selling some Xbox 360 digital content.

On the PC side, GameStop is selling Steamworks titles like Civilization V, while other titles will be directly downloaded through a partnership with Real Networks. The current selection is quite small and currently available in the US only.

Microsoft will also be re-launching its digital storefront as a web-based service, ditching the Games for Windows Live client in favor of a site later this month.

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  • Gamestop really is the "Blockbuster Video" of the gaming world at the moment. They are in a fight for declining market share in the rapidly shrinking realm of physical media. They are really in a no-win scenario against GFWL (which is trying to re-launch it's online sale component) and Steam (which, when DOTA2 is released, will have such a rich feature-set, that they will leave every other digital distro service years behind).

    Gamestop is circling the drain, and they know it. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the next generation of consoles did away with physical media all together.