Super Mario All-Stars Wii Coming Stateside on Dec. 12

Nintendo of America has decided to invite North America to Super Mario's 25th anniversary party by bringing Super Mario All-Stars on Wii to the region this fall.

Previously revealed for Japan and confirmed for release in Europe, the North American version of Super Mario All-Stars Wii features the four classic Mario titles that were bundled together on one cart on the SNES in 1993: Super Mario Bros., Japan's Super Mario sequel (The Lost Levels), Super Mario Bros. 3, and America's Super Mario Bros. 2.

The Wii All-Stars collection also includes a soundtrack CD that spans the entire franchise and a booklet that explores the history of everyone's favorite plumber.

Super Mario All-Stars on the Wii will launch on December 12 and retail for $29.99.

We suspect, like the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the All-Stars collection will be quite hard to find after a while. So, don't sit on your hands if this is something you want to add to your collection.