Scarecrow Brings His Special Brand of Crazy to DC Universe Online

Another member of Batman's "Rogue's Gallery" is joining the forces of evil in the upcoming MMO, DC Universe Online.

A master of fear--and Wizard of Oz cosplay--Scarecrow (a.k.a. Jonathan Crane) joins the ranks of other iconic DC characters making an appearance in the PC and PS3-exclusive MMO. The laundry list of classic characters is starting to get a little ridiculous. It's quickly becoming comic geek's dream come true.


Sadly, Scarecrow must have already unleashed some of his trademark fear toxins in out dreams because, just recently, DC Universe Online was delayed until "early 2011." That guy is always trying to spoil our fun..

As bonus, we've just had a "Metropolis Police Station Travelogue" video added to the DC Universe Online database. Kick back and enjoy.

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