Red Dead Redemption 'Undead Nightmare' Coming to Retail Nov. 23; DLC Bundle Available Now

BOOM widget 141296 The standalone, disc-based collection of Red Dead Redemption's downloadable content, collectively sharing the subtitle "Undead Nightmare," is hightailing it to retail on November 23, Rockstar has revealed.

The retail disc bundles Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam online component, along with the (just released today) DLC "Undead Nightmare" and previous content packs "Liars and Cheats," and "Legends and Killers," along with the free "Outlaws to the End" pack. The disc will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $29.99.

If you have yet to pick up any of Red Dead's premium DLC, Rockstar has released a downloadable bundle including "Undead Nightmare," "Liars and Cheats," and "Legends and Killers" for $20 (1600MS Points). Not a bad deal, considering all three included packs are available separately for $10 a piece (800MS Points).

The bundle is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and is expected to appear on the PlayStation Store later today.