Mafia 2 Add-on 'Joe's Adventures' Available Nov 23

Publisher 2K Games sends word that 'Joe's Adventures', the third downloadable add-on for Mafia 2, will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on Tuesday, Nov. 23. The new material for the game includes new story missions for Joe Barbaro--best friend to the main story's lead character Vito Scaletta, new clothing, 20 new Playboy collectibles, and more classic 40's and 50's era music. It will sell for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points depending on the platform.


Joe's Adventures opens new locations in Empire Bay including a train station, the cathouse, a boat yard, other never-before-seen buildings, and a seasonally changing lake front. The story missions will get players acquainted with these new areas through a number of shootouts and car chases. In addition, optional quests will be available throughout the city tied to a points system based on combos and multiplier bonuses. These scores will be ranked on an online leaderboard.

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