Final Fantasy XIV Extends Free Trial, Updates Detailed

By Brian Leahy, Oct 15, 2010 10:40am PDT Square Enix has decided to extend the free trial of its new MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV for an additional 30 days, due to "the nature of much of the feedback we received... and the current state of the game."

"All users who registered a Final Fantasy XIV service account and purchased a character by October 25, 2010 will be eligible," for the additional 30 days of free play.

Additionally, the developers have detailed the forthcoming improvements to be made in November and December:

    Late November Update
  • Adjustments and additions to the user interface
  • Adjustments to the Markets and retainers
  • Lowering of Teleport and Return costs
  • Adjustments to overall battle balance
  • Adjustments to class balance
  • Adjustments to party battle balance
  • Adjustments to monster placement
  • Adjustments to levequests
  • Adjustments to synthesis
  • Addition of new synthesis recipes
  • Alleviation of lag issues
    Mid-December Update
  • Addition of notorious monsters
  • Addition of new guildleves
  • Addition of new synthesis recipes
  • Addition of new items
Are any of you playing Final Fantasy XIV? How are you finding it so far? Do you plan to stick with it through these patches? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The 2 worst things about FFXIV is the lag and the interface. Yes, I know FF XIV is not supposed to hold your hand and have tips pop up every 5 second to tell you how to move, attack, view inventory etc. But the cumbersome nature of the interface and the lag makes the game nearly unplayable in heavily populated areas.

    90% of MMO players want to read a manual or have an interactive tutorial, not have it be buried within small boxes of text or put together by other players on websites. For the 10% of us that have time to blow on figuring it all out it can be great....but this game should never have been launched in its current state.