NPD Group Changes Retail Sales Data Tracking Format; Will No Longer Reveal Monthly Hardware Sales

By Xav de Matos, Oct 12, 2010 10:45am PDT For those who anxiously await each month's NPD Group update, some new format changes might ruin your monthly sales list solace.

Effective October 14--the date the September NPD results are due--the NPD Group will remove monthly hardware unit sales figures from its monthly release. The retail evaluation will also remove unit sales figures from the "Top 5" selling titles for the month, opting to only list "Top 10 software at the title level."

The new, retail-only (Read: NPD Group does not report on digital distribution, game subscriptions, mobile games, rentals, used titles or social network games) sales tracking report will continue monthly releases; however, the group will also release a "total consumer spend report" on a quarterly basis.

According to a representative of the NPD Group, the change was made to "address the changing sales landscape as well as updates to NPD's corporate publishing policies." The change comes as quite a surprise, as the NPD Group was always a good indicator of the hardware sales landscape in the United States. The NPD Group states that it will "continue to support" companies that release "sales figures for their respective products."

We'll see how well this works out when every company announces they've outsold the competition in the hardware space until the NPD Group changes its mind or another unbiased third-party is willing to wrangle the real numbers from select retailers.

[Ed. Note: For clarification, the NPD Group will still be tracking hardware unit sales; however, they will not release numbers to the public.]

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  • 1) Easier to sell something for more money if they don't give it away anyway.
    2) They only have retail sales and increasingly that's an incomplete picture anyway.
    3) If they are giving unbiased, untouched data, then they can't turn around and charge Sony after the fact for the right to say PS3 Move outsold Kinect 5:1, etc. Or vice-versa.
    4) Dollars matter more than marketshare. That is, if the marketshare of a given console is higher despite less money made, does the tree make any noise?
    5) This may also be an attempt to marginalize low-cost, high volume, and low-attach-rate consoles like the Wii.