Capcom Seeks Fan Involvement in Development of Mega Man Legends 3 Project

Capcom will be making some decisions on the Mega Man Legends 3 (Nintendo 3DS) with the help of its community. Currently, fans can vote for a heroine to be included in the game.

The company is also looking for a community liaison to help with the "Devroom" that the company has set up for the project. Anyone is free to apply, but written and verbal fluency in both English and Japanese is a requirement for the job.

The project was announced at Nintendo's Conference at the end of September and was introduced by Capcom's Keiji Inafune. In the announcement, Inafune promised that "fans will have an opportunity to be part of the development process like never before as they interact directly with the team," in "a new style of game development."

Mega Man Legends 2, the most recent entry in the sub-series, was released in April 2000 in Japan (October 2000 in the US) for the PlayStation.