Minerva's Den and Protector Trials Not Coming to the PC Version of BioShock 2 [Updated]

By Xav de Matos, Oct 08, 2010 2:40pm PDT [Update: 4:50p.m.] 2K's Elizabeth Tobey has posted an explanation regrading the cancelation of Minerva's Den, as well as the Protector Trials DLC, for the PC version of BioShock 2 on 2K's official forums. Tobey also details the decision not to add playlists to the multiplayer component of BioShock 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3. The entire explanation is available after the break.

[Original Post] Although original reports pointed to an eventual launch of the "Minerva's Den" DLC for the PC version of BioShock 2, plans for the release have apparently be sent to die at sea.

On his Twitter account, 2K Marin designer Steve Gaynor wrote: "Official: Minerva's Den is never coming out for PC. Now you can stop asking me, internet. Please address any further concerns to @2KGames."

The single-player focused downloadable content released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in late August 2010 for $10 (800MS Points). When it was originally announced by 2K Games--and when the DLC launched on console--the publisher promised a PC release was "coming soon."

I have an update on the status of patches for BioShock 2 and some answers to questions on features that have been outstanding for a while. We will not be adding vending machine sounds into any version of BioShock 2 and we will not be adding playlists for the multiplayer DLC maps -- we did look in to both options but due to technical and timing issues, these two fixes are not feasible. We are planning patches for the 360 and PS3 to fix some functionality issues, but they will not drastically change gameplay (and I'll post the patch notes when I get them -- these two items are still in with QA.)

We will also not be offering Protector Trials and Minerva's Den on the PC in the future -- and I want to say that I'm sorry for the disappointment this will cause to PC players out there. As always, if any of these issues change in the future, I will update you guys first, but at this point in time I don't want to make you wait any longer and these are the most definite answers I have and you guys should deem them final decisions.

Elizabeth Tobey -- Sr. Manager, Interactive Marketing, 2K Games

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    PC gamers, don't lose hope - this is already having an impact! Email meg.maise@take2games.com and let her know (she's head of investor relations and corp communications)! You can also just copy and paste the letter below and send to her. SPREAD THE WORD AND GET OTHERS TO FILL OUT!!!!

    ************start copy and paste**************

    Dear Meg,

    As a Bioshock 2 customer, I am outraged that 2K has decided to not release additional DLC content for the PC (namely Minerva's Den).

    I find this upsetting for several reasons:

    1) In 2K's original announcement for Minerva's Den, 2K stated that a PC release was forthcoming - to backtrack on a statement like that constitutes a broken promise and hurts 2K's overall credibility and public image for all users.

    2) More importantly, by your actions you're telling the PC market that we don't matter. If this is truly how 2K Games feels, then just come out and say so. As PC users we'll simply make sure not to purchase your games if we're to be treated as second-class citizens. And as much as we like the Bioshock universe, you should already start cutting back your projections for Bioshock Infinite if this is the half-hearted support you intend to provide for that title as well.

    I do not know what sort of flawed cost / benefit analysis went into your decision-making process, but based on the anger and the number of responses I've seen in comments posted on numerous websites (including 2K Forums), I think you are being short-sighted in thinking that a PC release would not be worth the time or effort. I have read the extremely positive reviews for Minerva's Den and would have even prepaid for the DLC if 2K needed to guarantee a certain level of downloads to ensure profitability. Instead 2K has hurt its own image by handling this issue in such a haphazard fashion.

    I urge you to reconsider your decision and rebuild your trust with your customers - they're your ultimate stakeholders, not the shareholders, and will decide the ultimate success of Take Two Interactive as a company.

    Best Regards,
    [Your Name]

  • I'm really impressed at this statement without even an attempt at justification. Impressed by the honesty.

    I only buy first person shooters on PC. Damn shame 2k doesn't feel PC gamers deserve the DLC. Then again, I never buy these little bits of DLC that are obviously part of the game as it was when released, just cut out to sell back to us later.

    I agree with the poster below that laments the near-death of expansion packs. I prefer expansion packs to DLC, but then Take 2 did crap all over the gamer with entire pieces of the story being cut out of Mafia II to sell the ending as DLC.

    So I guess Take 2 and 2k see things differently than me. Glad I didn't pay full price for Bioshock 2.

  • Kind of a crappy time to be 2K right now

    - First you have this, which is terrible
    - Some pretty unfortunate handling of Duke Nukem, with the early demo access going in the Borderlands GOTY and a trailer that will probably get released after the game does (if ever).
    - A severely under-performing Mafia II (from a sales standpoint)
    - Digging up and violating X-COM's corpse by commandeering the name to try and garner interest
    - A buggy and underwhelming Civ V launch, after they went back on their statement about having a demo out prior to release (the reason for which is painfully obvious now).