Rock Band Jimi Hendrix DLC Detailed, 12 Tracks Confirmed

Twelve tracks from The Jimi Hendrix Experience will push the Rock Band music library up to 2000 songs when the 'Are You Experienced: Rock Band Edition' pack is released next week for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

"What an honor it is for Jimi's music to be part of the Rock Band family," said Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC. "We're delighted that his sound has found yet another route to propel his art and legacy by offering a multigenerational experience that will be a source of inspiration for future musicians."

Songs will be available as singles for $1.99 / 160 MS Points / 200 Wii Points, while the twelve track album will be available as a bundle for $19.99 / 1600 MS Points on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The DLC will be released on October 12.

The track listing is as follows:

  • "Purple Haze" +
  • "Manic Depression" +
  • "Hey Joe (Live)"
  • "Love or Confusion" +
  • "May This Be Love" +
  • "The Wind Cries Mary" +
  • "Fire (Live)"
  • "3rd Stone from the Sun" +
  • "Foxy Lady" +
  • "Are You Experienced?"
  • "Stone Free" +
  • "Highway Chile" +
Songs with a '+' are also available for download in LEGO Rock Band.

The Live tracks are "'Hey Joe (Live)' from Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection, 'Fire (Live)' from Hendrix's famous performance at Woodstock, and 'Stone Free' from Valleys of Neptune, a collection of previously unreleased Hendrix recordings that was put out earlier this year.