Bon Jovi 'Greatest Hits' DLC Coming to Rock Band 3

On November 9, Bon Jovi will launcha 28-track "Greatest Hits" album and, according to Harmoinx, some of those classic, acid-wash fueled tunes will arrive as downloadable content for Rock Band 3.

In a forum post, Harmonix confirmed a bundle of Bon Jovi's best would arrive as downloadable content for the upcoming third installment of Rock Band. "Don't expect a huge multi disc album release though, as the Surgeon General has determined that anything more than 12 tracks of Bon Jovi in a single pack could contain potentially dangerous levels of swoon when downloaded by women, and result in deadly amounts of 'good hair envy' in men," the post read.

Speaking with MCV, MTV's Paul DeGooyer noted that, while Bon Jovi had previously been featured on disc, this is the first feature campaign Rock Band has executed with the Jersey born band. "Bon Jovi for us is one of our most requested artists," DeGooyer said, later adding "We are working with Bon Jovi on activity for the compilation and other elements that they haven't announced yet."

In the same forum, Harmonix promised the DLC track listing, release date, and pricing would be revealed closer to release.