Killzone 3 Beta Begins October 25; Find Out How to Get Access

The beta for Killzone 3 will begin on October 25, but access will be limited, according to the PlayStation Blog. Guerrilla Games intends this to be a true beta test and will be looking for impressions and bug reports.

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Lucky testers will get to experience Killzone 3's multiplayer and its "brand-new Operations game type, party system, and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles"

Access, for the most part, will be limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers and include 5,000 from the US and 5,000 from Europe. To gain access, you'll need to be a Plus subscriber and download a Killzone 3 XMB theme, which will be put up on the PlayStation Store on October 19 in the US and on October 13 in Europe. If you're in the first 5,000 downloads for your territory, you'll receive a key to download the beta client.

If you aren't a PlayStation Plus member and didn't enter to win a key at PAX Prime 2010, you'll have more chances to get into the beta. "There will be other ways to get in. Keep your eye on our Social Media channels, The PS Blogs, Killzone.com, Twitter and Facebook."

Support for 3D and PlayStation Move will not be included in the beta as "this Beta is all about gameplay." The full game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on February 22, 2011.