Deadliest Warrior Coming to PSN Tomorrow With Tweaked Balance; DLC Incoming

BOOM widget 97718 The fighter based on the ultimate "What if?" television show Deadliest Warrior is finally coming to the PlayStation 3.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Spike Games creative director Prithvi Virasinghe revealed the PlayStation 3 version of the downloadable title will tweak the balance for the game, specifically pointing out that the Ninja was overpowered in the original release, along with tuning weaker fighters.

The developers at Pipeworks have also taken steps to discourage "rage quitting," which, in the Xbox 360 version, would not penalize players for leaving games as they were about to lose.

In the post Virasinghe teased upcoming DLC, which will add three new warriors to the game. Although only the North Indian Rajput fighter was revealed as one of the three added warriors, Virasinghe states that fan voting helped shape the remaining roster of incoming characters. According to the game's official site, North Central African warriors from the Zande tribe; Shaolin Monks; and Gladiators topped fan voting. Downloadable content was not priced or dated for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Like the show, Deadliest Warrior: The Game--which originally launched on the Xbox 360 in July 2010--pits historic combatants against each other at a chance for battlefield supremacy. And it can be really ruthless in difficulty and presentation.