Fable 3 'Kingmaker' Companion Title Coming to 'Smartphones' on October 1

An advertisement in UK's Xbox World magazine has revealed a companion game for Fable 3 is in the works and is set to launch on October 1, according to CVG. The advertisement specifically targets "smartphones" as the game's platform of choice.

In August, Microsoft's Peter Molyneux teased "something" similar to the Pub Games companion title released prior to Fable 2's launch would arrive in October specifically tied to the Fable franchise's third installment. To further tease the mini-adventure, Molyneux claimed the Fable 3 companion title would have something to do with "this sort of thing," referring to his phone.

The ad for Fable 3: Kingmaker states that "The battleground is your town, and your only weapon is your smartphone." It also makes references to giving players the chance to complete challenges like "planting flags" and claiming "power-ups" throughout the United Kingdom. Accomplishing tasks in the game will earn players gold coins, which can then be transfered to your Fable 3 character on the Xbox 360.

A website for the "smartphone" game has appeared online, with region selection options for various European countries.

Shacknews has contacted Microsoft for confirmation of a North American equivalent to the, thus far, UK-specific mobile title is in the works as well as clarification on which mobile platforms Fable 3: Kingmaker will be available on.

Fable 3 is set to launch on the Xbox 360 on October 26.