File Size Limit One of the Issues Keeping Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath from the Xbox Live Arcade

By Xav de Matos, Sep 28, 2010 3:40pm PDT Developer Just Add Water says that Microsoft's file size limit on Xbox Live Arcade games is one of the reasons its upcoming HD-revamp of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is currently only in the works for the PlayStation 3.

"On XBLA there is a 2 GigaByte size limit we have to adhere to," a post on the developer's website states. "Currently the title weighs in at 2.1GB and that is without any updates, so either we have to pull a miracle out of the bag with some type of amazing compression system, or ask Microsoft to increase their 2GB limit, however this limit is apparently hardware led, so please let us try and make a miracle happen."

The post was apparently prompted by gamers asking why the game--which was originally released exclusively on the Xbox in 2004--was exclusive to the PlayStation 3. According to Just Add Water, the team would like to bring the updated game to as many platforms as possible. "Whilst I can't go into complete detail on this," the post reads, "I can tell you that we are NOT PS3 Exclusive. As far as we are concerned we are a multi-platform company, supporting the big 3, PC/PS3 & 360."

Microsoft's Arcade platform has a long history of file size restriction issues; however, it's possible Microsoft will once again budge and either increase the limit or make an exception for an HD version of Stranger's Wrath. Just Add Water did not detail any other hurdles standing in the way from bringing the game to the XBLA.

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  • How about they stop trying to stuff a retail sized game into a service meant for small arcade titles. The 360 has 4 distinct distribution methods, XBLIG, XBLA, On Demand, and Retail. With the costs for each tier going higher and higher. So that anyone from small, to midlevel, to major devs can publish a game on the system. But these guys are trying to shoehorn a retail sized game into the cheaper tier because they know the game wont make enough to warrant a retail release. Next we'll see the Crackdown guys complaining that XBLIG limits them to 150mb and that its not fair.

    The simple solution is to cut the game size. And before you start complaining about developers having to shortchange their vision, grow up. Thats life. Its the same reason we dont see 9 hour long movies and 5 hour albums. ..or 2 gig XBLA titles.

    Does anyone honestly think that an Oddworld game NEEDS 2 gigs to be good?