Report: CCP's World of Darkness MMO Teased at Fan Event, Due No Sooner Than 2012

EVE Online developer CCP Games has shed a little dimmed, moody light on World of Darkness, its mysterious MMO adaptation of White Wolf's pen-and-paper RPG setting, at White Wolf's The Grand Masquerade event.

The MMO "will have a focus on player politics and social interaction," Ardulf's Lair reports (via Massively), collecting the titbits of information trickling out of the show. Only vampires will be playable, it's said, though the World of Darkness setting also houses mages, werewolves and other creatures in its dark version of our modern world.

The MMO is based upon White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade--rather than the latest setting, Vampire: The Requiem--which may be familiar to gamers as the home of video game adaptations Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption and Troika's fantastic but tragically broken Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

CCP revealed plans to create a World of Darkness MMO way back in 2006 after merging with White Wolf but little had been heard from it since then. Financial documents from June 2008 had the game pegged for a 2010 release, which clearly isn't happening. According to reports from the event, World of Darkness is now due 2012 at the earliest.

The Grand Masquerade also saw the debut of a trailer, which Youtube user 'adamledgington' captured on his phone, as shown below.