ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Demo out on PC, Xbox 360

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 24, 2010 7:34am PDT Fans of the fantasy RPG series Gothic eager to see how ArcaniA: Gothic 4 turned out, given that it's the first entry in the series developed by Spellbound Entertainment rather than creator Piranha Bytes, can now find out with the PC and Xbox 360 demo.

The 1.71GB PC demo is available from your friendly neighbourhood FileShack while the 872MB Xbox 360 demo is, naturally, over on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The demo "comprises the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island featuring selected quests," says publisher DreamCatcher.

ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is slated for release on PC and Xbox 360 in North America come October 12. The PlayStation 3 edition has been delayed into the first half of 2011.

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  • Huge fan of all the past Gothic games (and Risen also)...

    ...not sure about this game after looking at the demo. I've never had problems with motion sickness, but something about how this games works makes me a bit queasy. Also, I have a pretty nice rig and get a lot of lag even on medium settings. Controls seem a bit wacky also. I was fighting 2 goblins, and the lag between my clicking "roll" and my actual rolling was noticable.

    It would be a shame if technical issues make this the first Gothic game that I don't buy... will wait for reviews now, whereas was a preorder for me.