Surprise! Good Old Games Is Not Dead, Relaunches Tomorrow

By Xav de Matos, Sep 22, 2010 9:45am PDT In a conference online moments ago, representatives of Good Old Games confirmed that its suspected marketing ploy of closing down was just that, a marketing ploy.

Two representatives dressed as monks and referring to GOG as a "brother monk" outlined that the website will relaunch with a new look, replacing "98% of the site's original code."

The website will continue to operate in many ways as it has in the past: Games will still be DRM-free, titles will continue to be sold separately, and GOG will not run off a separate client.

During the conference, disguised as a sermon, the "monks" discussed their disappointment that many people believed the website was shut down. With a line in the original announcement like, "We're closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await," it's unclear how anyone got that idea.

The pair of "monks" ended the conference by confirming all existing titles will remain and the service will add Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga (including the expansion Tales of the Sword Coast) for $9.99, when the service relaunches tomorrow at 8a.m. EST.

Other hot new features include community-made "GoGMixes" allowing players to create a listing of themed titles to share with GoG users, better searching, forums, a recommendation engine, and a "like" button! So, worth the confusion, fellas!

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  • I think the people more pissed off about this whole thing are the ones who haven't downloaded their catalog off the site.

    Ever since I realized Steam simply grants you a license to use the games and is not in any obligation of letting you re-download them once the service is out of business, I've made it a practice to immediately download/back up anything I buy on any digital media outlet.

    I'm aware that with GOG you're supposed to own the game, not a license, but truth is they could go out of business or change policies just like that, and this, being a PR stunt and all (a distasteful one at that), just reassures me of that practice: buy and download right away.