EVE Online Expansion 'Incursion' Due in November

BOOM widget 51769 PvE play will be the main focus of EVE Online's next free expansion 'Incursion,' announced yesterday by the space MMO's developer CCP and slated to launch this November.

Incursion will bring "escalating attacks" from the techno-zombie NPC faction Sansha's Nation. CCP explains that "Pilots can join public fleets and co-operate to destroy the Sansha incursions and return the universe to normal, receiving wealthy bounties, earning loyalty rewards and high commendation."

CCP's impressive new 'Carbon' character technology will also arrive in the expansion, updating portraits. On top of that, there's talk of a "Sansha Mothership, Fighterbomber, the Noctis salvaging vessel, improvements to NPCs and their AI, new coveted loot and rewards, storyline events, amazing new visuals" and updates to the Planetary Interaction and EVE Gate features introduced with the 'Tyrannis' expansion.

CCP also promises, as ever, a round of "hardware upgrades, software improvements and new cluster components aimed at increasing game and fleet battle performance to even higher levels." Perhaps, this time, it might actually work.