Halo: Reach Campaign Matchmaking to be Added Eventually, Held to Avoid Spoiling the Adventure

BOOM widget 139596 You may have noticed Halo: Reach is unable to group players for campaign games via matchmaking, as was promised. According to Bungie, campaign matchmaking was held to avoid a situation where players would enter a campaign game in the middle of the latest Halo adventure, effectively spoiling the story.

"Campaign Matchmaking will offer all players in the party a vote as to which mission they'll end up tackling together," Friday's Bungie.net update reads. Democracy is totally sweet, but in this case, the majority might overrule your No Spoilers Doctrine." Matchmaking for campaign in Bungie's $200 million behemoth will launch as soon as the developer feels there's been "a big enough cushion between launch and present day."

Additionally, the update promises a matchmaking update for competitive modes in "early October," which will add Rocket Race, Firefight Versus and more. The update also lightly delves into the subject of why Reach's "Theater Mode" is a single-player only affair.

In terms of competitive play, Bungie says it is considering a tweak to its current betrayal system, which gives players the ability to boot players for team killing after a single kill. While the dev ponders changes for the future, one piece of advice was offered to avoid being kicked: "Stop shooting your teammates." That just might work.