Morning Discussion

Oh. Hello there, Internet. I'm Alice O'Connor. You might recognise me from Morning Discussions such as those wot I wrote last week. Xav is the lucky, lucky one who's scheduled to experience the joys and delights of writing Morning Discussion this week but he's wandered off somewhere. Naturally, I am only too eager to leap in and write this myself while he buys sweeties, catches the bus, cures cancer, polishes his shoes, irons his shirt, brings about world peace, or whatever it is he's up to. He may very well still be exhausted after last week's Tokyo Game Show 2010, which was ruddy knackering if I do say so myself.

Your first assignment today is to play VVVVVV developer Terry Cavanagh's Graveyard Graveyard Revolution. Your second shall be to buy VVVVVV, because it's ace.

Xav? Xaaaaav!

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