Weekend Confirmed Episode 26

By Brian Leahy, Sep 17, 2010 1:20pm PDT Weekend Confirmed goes international this week with a two-part show. Part one was recorded at home in Santa Monica, with regulars Brian Leahy and Jeff Cannata, and Del Rio stepping in from behind the glass and into the hot seat for the 3rd mic. We dedicate Whatcha' Been Playing to Halo Reach, Brian breaks down the news in the States and then we toss it over to Garnett in Japan for a TGS Special edition. Garnett helps some old friends, Mark Macdonald, John Ricciardi and JJ, launch their inaugural podcast 8-4 play podcast. In the second half, available by subscribing to the all new 8-4 Play show at 1UP.com, the guys dig down a little deeper into the many titles on the show floor at TGS 2010.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 26 - 09/17/2010

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  • Why does the bias question even come up?Does the show have to do PS3 section and Xbox sections to satisfy? What has been released on PS3 recently to compare with Halo Reach? If there was a new MGS it would be treated exactly the same by the show. Gran Turismo 5 will get the coverage despite its soulessness. The fact is the 360 and PS3 are indistinguishable apart from LIVE and Achievements. If the PS3 trophies had been first i know i would probably buy more for my PS3. The show is about the games and despite console exclusives i dont even notice which console Garnett, Jeff and Brian are talking about. I thought this topic died a deserved death with PS1 and N64 when i was at School.

  • I'm sure it's been talked to death already, but that's never really stopped anyone before, so here's my two cents on the new "DmC".

    Look, I'll totally agree that the new Dante looks a lot like something inspired by the new "vampire" craze. He's a pretty boy with short black hair, a vampire esque coat, and super skinny with black fingerless gloves. This is what the general, idiotic populace considers to be "cool". Still, I've GOT to put the breaks on all of this. Have Devil May Cry characters really EVER been all that cool?

    Devil May Cry 1-3 were completely ridiculous. Sure, I was young and not all into the High Culture at the time, but tell me Dante wasn't the same thing then that he is now. He ate pizza, he had guns, a sword, some boots, a red jacket, and a decent length of silver hair. I think I saw a guitar with his jukebox in DMC 3. Dante has ALWAYS been the dark, gothic pretty boy.

    Nero really wasn't all that much better.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved DMC 4. But iPods and headsets got big, so guess what we see on our new hero? A pair of black headsets. The "emo" scene was getting pretty big and popular, so what's Nero like? An emotional young man with an attitude and long hair brushed to the side of his face. Always irritated, like he was too cool for whatever place he was in, and ready to get super pissed at whatever came his way. Each Devil May Cry character seems to always be whatever a "bad ass" would be in the eyes of the general teen demographic.

    I don't like the look of this new Dante either, but I can't help but think the only things they'd need to change about him is giving him a more toned, muscular body, slightly longer hair, and a coat that has a collar popped up. I guarantee these subtle changes would be enough to sate the mobs ready to burn this game to the ground.

    IF YOU DISAGREE, please tell me what you'd like the new Dante to look like. Should you come to a conclusion at all similar to my own, I'd like you to ask yourself if all of this really is that big of a deal. Is Dante REALLY all that cool? He's a pretty boy one way or another with whatever model body is popular at the time. He's never going to have hair on his chest, and he's always going to show more skin than any "real man" would. The issue you have with this game's character is honestly the issue I've had with most Japanese male protagonists for a while. Never a guy just trying to be a guy, always just a guy with a bad attitude, trying to make teen girls swoon and on the forefront of dramatic "bad ass" fashion.


  • I don't like to compare games to film but in regards to perception I think its a viable comparison. What I mean is that in film there are two very different types of movies in the huge blockbusters and the smaller movies every year. The blockbusters get the audience and box office but tend to get disregarded by reviewers and the award winners get the reviews and awards but not the audience. (Sure, there are exceptions to both of those but they are just that, EXCEPTIONS that are very rare). Games, however, seem to operate very differently. The big blockbuster games get the reviews AND the audience AND a lot of discussion/coverage/awards while the smaller games get the reviews and a lot of discussion with a push from reviewers for more people to check them out. I just find it interesting to see seasoned gamers such as yourself and others champion both the games that everyone will play and games that very few people will play. Is this dichotomy going to result in only getting either AAA games or indie games with no room in the middle for games that are just 'good'?

    Also on this note, movies nowadays (for the most part again) are reliant almost entirely on that first weekend box office. With the exception of first party Nintendo games and the occasional game (Red Dead, MW2, Halo) nearly all games disappear after first month NPDs are released never be heard from again. Recently, Pachter declared Mafia 2 a flop based on first week sales, this seems crazy to me. Is this reliance on only immediate sales hurting the industry? Is there a way to give games more legs?

  • Here is something I want to throw out there about MGS3D (which was mentioned in the 8-4 section of the podcast).

    I'm almost more excited about what Kojima could potentially do with the touch screen than I am for 3D. I'm imagining some sort of Trauma Center style mini-game built into the cure system or giving players the ability to actually draw their own camo patterns onto Snake's face.

    Also, what if they allowed you to take a 3D picture of yourself, and incorporate it into the game some how? Maybe you could make a mask out of your 3D picture that Snake could wear in the game or use it on your character in online multi-player.

    I'm very excited about this announcement. People seem irritated that it's not a new game, but this is entirely new tech. There is no way Hideo Kojima is going to pass up taking full advantage of it.

  • Big shot out to the 8-4 guys. This has been a long time coming. I'm very excited for their podcast.

    When the first Devil May Cry game came out, if Dante looked exactly like he does in DmC, do you think it would have been an issue? I wonder if we'd be complaining if the reverse-switch had occurred. I agree that it's odd to completely change the look of a decade-old character, but I'm wondering if people are more upset with how the character looks in general, or just the fact that they've changed him at all.

    It seems like it's sort of an "alternate universe" story, which I'm usually a big fan of. I think it's always interesting to see a completely new and different take on old beloved characters and I think it's a good thing to ask, "What if..." and just let creative people go crazy. I mean, I was extremely pissed about what J.J. Abrams was doing to Star Trek, that is, until I actually saw the movie and realized it was the best Trek film ever made. Granted, this game studio doesn't have the pedigree of J.J. Abrams, but I think I'll keep any reservations I may have on hold until we start to see some hands-on impressions.