Ueda Discusses Last Guardian and Debuts New Trailer at TGS, Reveals Holiday 2011 Release

BOOM widget 140081 Sony debuted a new trailer for the much-anticipated The Last Guardian at the Tokyo Game Show. Afterwards, the game's director, Fumito Ueda, gave a brief update on development and answered a few questions. Ueda explained the long lapses in any new information on a change in their development practices. On both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus they worked on R&D and production at the same time. This caused problems so for this game they wanted to complete the R&D work before going into full-scale production. They feel they've reached that point and are going into full crunch mode now.

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Ueda recommended watching the new trailer several times to pick up on all its subtleties. In particular he pointed out the increase in character they've been working on with the bird-cat creature trico. You can also start to get a sense for how the relationship between trico and the boy will grow over the course of the game from initially unfriendly to forming a true bond. But Ueda did add that trico remains a free-willed animal throughout and may not always do what the boy says.

Ueda also announced that they are aiming for a holiday 2011 release. And while he later revealed that the upcoming HD version of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will have 3D support, 3D support for Last Guardian remains undecided.