Capcom Acquires Dead Rising 2 Dev Blue Castle

Blue Castle Games, the Canadian developer Capcom tasked with developing the sequel to its zombie-smashing game Dead Rising, has been acquired by the Japanese developer and publisher, Joystiq reports.

The studio, also responsible for the baseball series The Bigs and MLB Front Office Manager, will now be known as Capcom Game Studios Vancouver.


"We take this responsibility very seriously," Blue Castle CEO Rob Barret said at the Tokyo Game Show today. "Capcom games have a certain flavour... we don't just want to make amazing games, we want to make amazing Capcom games."

Capcom's short relationship with Blue Castle has already proved profitable as the downloadable Dead Rising 2 prologue Case Zero broke Xbox Live Arcade sales records. Capcom's Keiji Inafune revealed at the show that it has now sold almost 500,000 units. Capcom announced today that a downloadable prologue is also in the works, titled Case West and co-starring the original Dead Rising's hero, Frank West.