Dead Rising Star Returns in Xbox 360-Exclusive Dead Rising 2 Epilogue 'Case West'

BOOM widget 139819 The Xbox 360 is to receive another exclusive Dead Rising 2 episode, this time in the form of an epilogue featuring the original Dead Rising's hero, photojournalist Frank West.

Dead Rising 2: Case West will have Frank helping the sequel's star Chuck Greene to clear his name, complete with a co-op mode that Capcom explains "will see the two protagonists delve deeper into the reasons behind the Fortune City outbreak and provide further links to the Willamette incident."

Case West is due on Xbox 360 "following the release of Dead Rising 2," which comes on September 28 for 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. No price has been given yet though, for reference, the Xbox 360-exclusive prologue Case Zero cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5) when it launched on August 31--and went on to break Xbox Live Arcade sales records.

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