Weekend Confirmed Live From PAX10

By Garnett Lee, Sep 10, 2010 7:15am PDT It's the Weekend Confirmed show recorded live at PAX 10. Shane joins Garnett, Brian, and Jeff for this special show. A short look at how big PAX has become leads into Whatcha Been Playin at PAX that includes Nexuiz, Swarm, Killzone 3, Duke Nukem Forever, and Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. For the second half of the show it's the Warning with questions submitted by the audience.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 25 - 09/10/2010

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  • Fun show guys!

    No big, deep discussions came-up in the 55 mintues, but it was great listening in ;)

    I'll contribute my short list of favorite board games, since that was actually part of the event.. got me thinking about great board games!

    Lighter games:

    -Fury of Dracula (especially fun for Halloween)
    -Runebound (bit slow with many people, but I enjoy it with about 3, best with Sands of Al Kalim exp)
    -Descent (think D&D, but with much more simply and crisp rules and short scenarios)
    -Goa (lesser known Eurogame, perhaps my favorite in that category)
    -Antiquity (amazing and unique game from specialty game maker Splotter Spellen)
    -Indonesia (bidding and economic game, also from Splotter Spellen)
    -Imperial (inpsired by the classic Diplomacy game, has a strong economic twist)
    -The Princes of Florence (bidding game that is a real classic Euro)
    -Dungeon Twister (romp around in a dungeon trying to finish eachother off, cool expansions)
    -Year of the Dragon (interesting combination of bidding, area control, and other mechancs)
    -Neuroshima Hex! (one of the better short games... takes only 30 minutes but packs great skill)
    -Leonardo da Vinci (great combination of area control, bidding, and planning ahead)
    -Blue Moon (non-collectible game with collectible card game feel and great art)

    Heavier games for the hardcore only:

    -The Napoleonic Wars (takes 5 players and about 10 hours, but probably my favorite board game)
    -Empire of the Sun (2 player wargame that is totally unique an amazing... very complicated)
    -Advanced Squad Leader (my own favorite squad level WWII game)

    RPG/Boardgame hybrids:
    -Battlestations (I love this game! Mixes RPG with a clean system and competitive play options)
    -All Things Zombie (another game in this new genre combining board game with RPG)
    -Savage Worlds (this is for those who want more RPG and less board game, but still a hybrid).