PS3 Firmware Update Combats Jailbreak Devices

Sony has launched another mandatory firmware update for its home console, with hopes to close a hole in the system's security.

According to the BBC, firmware update 3.42 for the PlayStation 3 will combat the recently released USB device PS Jailbreak and other software-based emulating exploits.

Since it first appeared online for sale, Sony has battled to keep the USB dongle PS Jailbreak out of the hands of its customers. Using a security loophole, the device allowed gamers to play pirated software.

Sony would not detail the specific changes made in the update, but a representative told BBC: "As we always have, we will continue to take necessary actions to both hardware and software to protect the intellectual content provided on the PlayStation 3." Further detail on the European PlayStation Blog confirmed the update was aimed at addressing "security and vulnerability in the system software."

Last last month, an Australian Federal Court granted Sony a temporary injunction against the sales of the PS Jailbreak device, forcing the hacking tool's creators to hand existing units of the device to Sony [Official court document].