Bit.Trip Fate Revealed as Side-Scrolling Shooter

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 06, 2010 7:00am PDT Gaijin Games has revealed BIT.TRIP FATE, the penultimate chapter of its six-part WiiWare rhythm game series started by BIT.TRIP BEAT.

While FATE's name was revealed by Nintendo last month, the game itself remained a mystery.

BIT.TRIP FATE puts the intrepid CommanderVideo in an on-rails side-scrolling shooter, blasting bad guys and dodging shots in time to a "chiptune-inspired dubstep soundtrack."

Published by Aksys Games, BIT.TRIP FATE is headed to WiiWare this fall. No price was announced, though the previous BIT.TRIP games have all cost between $6 and $8.

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