Shogun 2: Total War 'Battle Report' Trailer Shows Six Minutes of Gameplay

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 02, 2010 10:20am PDT Though the first "gameplay" trailer for Shogun 2: Total War was more like an in-game look at pretty graphics, its first battle report trailer definitely shows the goods.

Kieran Brigden and land battle AI programmer Ingimar Gudmunsson from developer The Creative Assembly are on hand to walk us through a Shogun 2 night battle over the course of six minutes, from rousing speeches by generals to foes fleeing in panic.

Shogun 2: Total War is due out on PC in 2011, published by Sega. If you're eager to see more, point your peepers at these new screenshots and our preview from E3.

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  • Ever since kieran said and i quote gamescom speech: 'the all new feature night battles and cool flaming arrows and rpg generals' I really dont care anymore about total war. Lies after lies after more lies.

    We already had night battles in the rome total war addon barbarian invasion, with flaming arrows and arty .. We already had rpgs elements in Medieval total war where you could give generals titels from conquered regions

    So they cut out all the good stuff and then make a game where they add it back in claming its new. BOOOORING