God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Coming Exclusively to PS+ Subscribers Next Week

By Xav de Matos, Sep 02, 2010 7:30am PDT For those of your paying for Sony's premium PlayStation service, we have some words of advice: "Sharpen your blades."

The PlayStation Blog has revealed that, on Tuesday, September 7, a demo for Kratos' second PSP adventure will be released exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Developed by Ready at Dawn Studios, God of War: Ghost of Sparta takes place between the first and second console titles in the blood-soaked franchise and attempts to answer lingering questions you might have.

Questions like, "Why does Kratos always have to yell?" and "Has that dude ever cracked a smile in his life?"

Shacknews has dispatched its own legion of mythical creatures to rustle a demo date for non-subscribers from Sony, so far we have yet to hear back.

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  • This is the first thing that I've heard of that would possibly make Playstation + wothwhile to purchase to me. Since it's only 1 thing, that's not enough for me, but it does show Sony hasn't given up on the concept yet. It's a slight risk for them to take as they could lose a bit of sales on the game if not everyone can play the demo, but I don't think it's much of one with such a strong franchise.

    And before any fanboys freak out, I love my PS3 -- but for me, Playstation + just doesn't offer enough to be a good value. They need to bring a lot more to the table before I sign up.