Xbox 360 Controller Introduces 'Transforming' D-Pad, Hitting Stores November 9

By Xav de Matos, Aug 31, 2010 10:00am PDT Xbox Live's Major Nelson has just revealed a new wireless controller model, which includes a "transforming" directional pad.

Twisting the D-Pad can raise and lower the surrounding plastic, transforming the pad we're already used to using into something reminiscent of Nintendo's own "Plus" d-pad design. The patented "transforming" pad promises to give players enhanced precision on what is widely considered the worst part of the current Xbox 360 controller.

The new controller also features new "concave" thumb-sticks and gray and black face buttons, which match its matte silver body.

The controller will only be available with a "new Play and Charge Kit" that will launch on November 9 for $64.99. A Microsoft Canada representative has informed Shacknews that Canadian users can grab the new controller package for $69.99.

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  • Try playing a puzzle game like Lumines that requires VERY tight precision in vertical and horizontal moves. As someone who has played Lumines across the PSP, PS3, PS2, 360 and iPhone, I can categorically say that the 360 d-pad has by far the worst precision for tracking fast/tight movement on a reaction game like Lumines. I've logged hundreds of hours on various versions of Lumines and the 360 d-pad is so unplayable that I use the 360 analog stick for more precise movement ... for a game that is comparable in its digital movement precision to Tetris.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the 360 controller for its moulding, the smaller dead zones and greater sensitivity on its analog sticks, the feel of its buttons, everything except the d-pad. And I bought the limited red controller which suposedly improved the d-pad. The precision increase was marginal. This d-pad update is 4-5 years behind where it should be, but I'll still pick it up to play Lumines comfortably on one more platform.