Sid Meier's Pirates for Wii Boards Retail Vessels Oct. 5

By Xav de Matos, Aug 25, 2010 12:00pm PDT Ahoy, land-lovers! 2K Games has dated the Wii port of Sid Meier's classic trek at sea and we're slightly disappointed.

Don't get us wrong, we're happy that Sid Meier's Pirates! will launch on the Nintendo Wii on October 5. What we're disappointed by is the synergy that could have come with setting the game to sail on September 19, the internationally recognized day to "talk like a pirate."

For those of you looking for reasons to revisit the treacherous seas on the Wii, 2K China's port includes "traditional" mini-games from the "original" title along with a handful of new bonuses, including two Wii-exclusive mini-games: Lockpicking and Bombardment.

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