Weekend Confirmed Episode 22

By Garnett Lee, Aug 20, 2010 12:00pm PDT This weekend gets confirmed with a powerful show that rocks from start to finish. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Monday Night Combat, and a QuakeCon report get the party started on the right foot in Whatcha' Been Playin? Your thoughts on maturity in games and balancing difficulty with reward lead off the Warning before the question of whether it's okay to leave games unfinished finally gets discussed. Gamecom announcements alone could fill the Front Page but there's also a quick review of the July NPD sales figures and, of course, Jeff tops it off with a little excitement for Bioshock Infinite.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 22 - 08/20/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:31:21

Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:32:47 End: 01:04:33

The Warning: Start: 01:05:36 End: 01:37:20

Music Break featuring "Yaa I Get It" by Shad K Start: 01:37:20 End: 01:40:10

The Front Page: Start: 01:40:10 End: 02:16:21

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  • Hey guys, great show as usual! I'd like to go back to the topic of video game talk in the workplace for a hot second just to say that you all are definitely in your own fish bowl as Garnett put it.

    A few years back I worked at a mutual funds firm just outside of NYC, and despite the fact that I worked on a floor with 100 or so people in their early to mid twenties it was very clear that any talk about video games would be, (and was) met with laughter and ridicule.

    The place I worked was rife with former frat boy, type A personalities who spent just about every weekend, frequenting douche bag Manhattan lounges, bachelor parties, and strip clubs, if they weren't chilling out in Atlantic City, or tailgating at a Jet's game.

    When it came to haircuts these guys had two options, 1) military style crew cuts, (though I'm pretty sure only one of them had actually been in the armed services), or 2) hair gelled and slicked back, a la their hero Gordon Gekko, from the movie Wall Street.

    Speaking of which an ongoing debate that was I was privy to on a weekly basis was, "which is better, 'Wall Street' or 'The Boiler Room'?" These guys loved them both and had them memorized backwards and forwards. The whole debate was a ruse though because any true sales guy who wasn't a total pussy knew that the one and only correct answer was "Wall Street". Startlingly, it was completely lost on these guys that "Wall Street" criticized everything they had modeled their life after. It reminded me of that scene in the movie "Jarhead", where the troops are getting pumped for combat by watching "Apocalypse Now".

    One day the topic of video games came up. Somebody found out that one of the sales guys spent his weekend playing Halo instead of prowling around the city, bangin' chicks and getting train wreck drunk. This not too surprisingly set off a tidal wave of ball busting and cackling throughout the entire room. The Halo guy was surrounded by dozens of bro's piling on the humiliation. He rolled with the punches well enough but it was clear that he wasn't thrilled about the razzing.

    After a while the room settled down, but not before one sales guy asked another if he ever partook in such embarrassing activities as playing video games. The sales guys being asked the question knew it was a set up and was hesitant to take the bait, but for some reason he went for it.

    The whole room seemed to lean in waiting for the answer, looking for an excuse to restart the ball busting all over again. A sea of hair gel and crew cut clones all had beaming gleeful expressions on their faces as they could see their fellow colleague placing himself right in their cross hairs. "I can't believe this guy's going to fucking admit it!", seemed to be on everyone's mind as their shit eating grins collectively morphed into mouths agape.

    But the satisfaction they were looking for didn't materialize. The sales guy in the hot seat looked around at the captive audience and made a nonchalant mention of once playing a brief game of Tiger Woods with his little brother. And like a golf ball going in the drink, the moment was over. There were a couple of snort laughs, and some goofy grins, but for the most part the guy was off the hook. Golf video games weren't by any means cool to these guys, but at least it wasn't WOW, or Halo.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the guys who worked in the mail room did play video games and would talk about them amongst themselves though the only games they were interested in were Midnight Club and GTA. Everything else was deemed too dorky. These guys also loved paintball.

    So as you can imagine I didn't mention video games at that job. I kept my head down, did my work, and occasionally talked about television with the lady that I shared a cubical with.

    I am so glad I don't work there anymore.