Free-to-Play EverQuest 2 'Extended' Launches

BOOM widget 138147 EverQuest II Extended, the free-to-play version of Sony Online Entertainment's fantasy MMORPG, has launched. Play it here.

Adventurers playing for free will face a number of restrictions on character, bank and bag slots, playable races, chat options and the like, which can be raised or removed with several membership plans. A one-off fee of $10 upgrades you from a Bronze member to Silver, while the $14.99/month and $200/year Gold and Platinum options offer even more. There are also optional microtransactions for items and other content.

EverQuest II Extended is entirely separate from regular, subscription-driven EQ2, using different servers and different forums so current players can avoid the proles.

While EverQuest II continues to receive updates and expansions--the next, Destiny of Velious, is due in February 2011--SOE is also working on the next major entry in the MMO series, currently known only as EverQuest Next.

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