Good Old Games Celebrates Gamescom with Discounts on 'German' Titles

By Xav de Matos, Aug 19, 2010 1:40pm PDT Good Old Games is offering up to 40% off select titles to celebrate the happenings at Gamescom 2010.

In selecting the discounted titles, GOG decided to go with software "that originated or were very successful in the land of great cars, good football teams and last but not least beer & wurst." Yeah, it's pretty ambiguous.

The promotion is currently in place and will run until August 26 at 11:59pm EDT. The titles "German" titles are available individually at a discounted price or as a bundle for $32.94 and include:

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  • Guys, If you want an AWESOME Economy/Strategy game, try GUILD, it rocks!

    VERY deep gameplay, lots of jobs (Thief, City Guard, Alchemist, Smith, Priest, Bar Owner, Gypsy, Graveyard Boss, with your own Zombie workers :D....), your own house that you can upgrade with many rooms (Back Room for Evil Things like Bribery and Sabotage, Dance Hall to throw parties), Political System (Lots of political jobs that give you advantages, like being the JUDGE on a case against your opponents), Realistic Market System (e.g. Supply/Demand)...

    Create,sell and buy items on the market to fuel your economy, or just use them (to increase popularity, longlivety, charm with the other sex, fighting skills and much more), duel with your opponents, create powerful monopolies in the city and eventually OWN THE WHOLE CITY!

    Buy out your opponent or just sabotage their buildings, accuse them of crimes and have them committed (with your interests represented by the bribed judge, of course :D)!

    Not the newest game and the graphics are a bit dated but BARRELS of fun for the eco-game fan and also people who want a diversion from the "classic" genres!