Lord of the Rings Online Free-to-Play Launching on September 10

By Brian Leahy, Aug 18, 2010 3:40pm PDT As previously announced, Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online will officially go free-to-play on September 10. The move comes after a beta test, which began on June 16.

"Our LOTRO beta program has been a huge success and we want to thank all of our players who worked with us to get the game ready for launch," said executive producer Kate Paiz.

"Our unique pricing model has revolutionized the industry and starting in September, players will be able to choose how they pay for and play one of the world's best online games and we can't wait to welcome millions of new players to Middle-earth!"

Additional content, including bonuses, races, classes, and even expansions, can be purchased separately. Two levels of subscription-based membership are also available: premium and VIP, which all offer different amounts and types of content.

The move to free-to-play echoes Turbine's previous effort with Dungeons & Dragons Online, which saw some nice gains in subscriptions following its own move to free-to-play. Sony Online Entertainment also recently announced that it would be offering a free version of EverQuest II, supported by microtransactions and different subscription levels.

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