Bill Roper Departs Cryptic Studios

By Brian Leahy, Aug 18, 2010 12:20pm PDT

Former Flagship CEO and Blizzard Executive Bill Roper has left Cryptic Studios, where he served as design director and executive producer on Champions Online before accepting the position of chief creative officer back in March.

While Roper has not announced specific plans for the future, he did write that "over the past few months my entrepreneurial spirit has become restless, and I've made the difficult decision to move on and look for new opportunities."

A little over two years ago, Roper's Flagship Studios closed following a poor launch of the studio's first game, Hellgate: London. A second game, Mythos, was not released, but members of that team went on to form Runic Games and release Torchlight.

Back in July, the executive producer of Star Trek Online resigned. Cryptic Studios currently maintains its two MMORPG titles, Champions Online and Star Trek Online. No new projects have been announced and the City of Heroes intellectual property now lies with NCSoft, the game's original publisher.

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  • His "entrepreneurial spirit" best not take him anywhere near running a game developer. He can't do it. He needs to just give up the dream that he has business sense. He does not. He needs to stick to knitting and remembering fondly the days when his creative spirit was alive and they would ask him to say, "Zug zug" or say menacing lines as Diablo.

    As long as the dialogue is written for him and there are business people in charge of the business decisions, having Bill Roper in your company is okay. If he tries to RUN another company though, be sure you're NOT employed there.