Flight Control HD Coming to PSN with Move and 3D Support

Firemint's Flight Control HD will be coming to the PlayStation Network with PlayStation Move support on September 15th in Australia, Europe, and Asia with Japan getting the game on September 21.

nope The original game was released for the iPhone to much success and has also been released on the iPad and DSiWare. The PlayStation Network incarnation will sport 1080p graphics, the aforementioned Move support, and stereoscopic 3D. The game will also support drop-in/drop-out "party-style multiplayer mode for up to four people".

"Players can control 16 different aircraft types including jets, sea planes and helicopters, across 9 maps, with 4 super-sized maps including the PlayStation exclusive 'Metropolis' map that cycles through day and night." The press release included no mention of a US release and Shacknews has asked Sony for a clarification on the omission.