THQ Says Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Will Use Steamworks, Not Games For Windows Live

Following our report last night that Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine would "likely" use Games For Windows Live, THQ has finally commented on the burning question regarding PC platform confirming that GFWL is not the direction Relic is going in, after all.

When Space Marine was first announced for the PC, Shacknews attempted to confirm whether Relic would continue to use the Games for Windows Live platform rather than switch to the Steamworks version. Unfortunately, THQ refused to comment.

During a preview event at the Relic office, THQ confirmed the version being shown was the PC version. Today, THQ tells Shacknews that the version shown at Relic was actually an Xbox 360 version emulated on the PC -- which could explain why the game was previewed with an Xbox 360 controller, rather than a mouse and keyboard -- and that the GFWL prompt was a result of emulation. (Note: The notification prompts seen were from GFWL and not Xbox 360.)

Following the demo we asked producer Andy Lang whether Space Marine would use GFWL or Steamworks, prompting a response of, "We're not talking about that." However, Lang would confirm that we did spot the GFWL user interface during the demo. When asked whether Relic had already decided on a particular platform for its PC version, Lang said the decision was already made.

Although we were not able to confirm the decided PC platform at the time of publishing, it appeared likely that Relic would continue to use Games for Windows Live. THQ finally fessed up earlier today and confirmed to Shacknews that Relic will use the Steamworks platform for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

A full interview with producer Andy Lang will be available later today.