Rage Engine 'id Tech 5' Will Only Be Licensed to Bethesda-Published Games

id Software's flashy new engine id Tech 5, which is powering Rage, will not be licensed to third party developers unless their game is published by id's fellow ZeniMax Media subsidiary Bethesda, CEO Todd Hollenshead has told Eurogamer.


"It's going to be used within ZeniMax, so we're not going to license it to external parties," Hollenshead explained. "It's like, look, this is a competitive advantage and we want to keep it within games we publish--not necessarily exclusively to id or id titles, but if you're going to make a game with id Tech 5 then it needs to be published by Bethesda, which I think is a fair thing."

Bethesda's development arm, of course, is behind the RPG series The Elder Scrolls and, more recently, Fallout 3--sprawling open-world games which could well benefit from the large and unique worlds that id Tech 5 is built to enable.

Licensed id technology has powered a huge number of third-party games over the years, ranging from Rise of the Triad and Half-Life to Call of Duty and Brink. id wizard John Carmack yesterday demonstrated id Tech 5 running at 60fps on an iPhone.