Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 11, 2010 5:00am PDT I'm hugely impressed by Xbox Live Arcade's mandatory demos. Coming from PC gaming where demos are few and far between, being offered a demo of every single title on sale is positively delightful. I've heard a few developers gripe that it's extra work which doesn't always pay off but from this consumer's perspective, it's wonderful. I've downloaded scores of demos and bought a fair number of games based upon them.

Today I'm also excited about the launch of Monday Night Combat. I had been hoping to play a little during lunch but alas, the download finished shortly before I had to come and write this. Thanks for that, Internet. I look forward to playing tonight instead.

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  • Alpha Protocol

    I just finished playing through AP after picking it up due to some of the chatter here. The reviews were mediocre, but I had a great time with the game, so thank you all who enjoyed it and dared to say so.

    There were a few problems with the controls, but other than that I thought the game played very well. I only played it once and don't really know how different anything played out because of player choices, but it felt as if your choices mattered. And with one play through that is all that really mattered. Very satisfying overall.

    I was a spy/field agent and I thought AP did a better job than most of letting you play with a stealth strategy. My only gripe is towards the end when you are fleeing from Halbech/AP HQ and are forced into more action/fast paced sequences. Especially that damned helicopter.